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Time:04:36 am
I just cut almost everyone on my friends list.

Why? I don't use IJ much anymore... (and haven't for a long
while) and most of the people I cut don't seem to either.

Plus, I just stopped following most of the feeds I was
following in the past. I have less of a reason to check IJ.

If you want to be added, I'll add you back.
But if that's the case... are you on facebook
or twitter... or even LJ?

I would just delete this account entirely, but I did
pay for a permanent account. For all I know, I might
decide to use it again later.

If [info]squeaky is reading this... I have no complaints about
the site. But there isn't enough action here. While IRL,
it would be my nature to stay away from big crowds,
on the internet, what's the point in hanging out on some
website when all my friends (including my IRL friends)
hang out on some other website? It's hard enough to stay
in contact with my IRL friends... if they aren't here,
I have less of a reason to come check IJ.

Oh, hey, [info]ladyphoenix9... I still read your
IJ. I would comment more, but these days, when I do check
IJ, I don't really have much to comment about. You're
still cool though, and I do appreciate your comments
those rare times when I actually update IJ.

I could set up IJ to cross-post my twitter posts...
but does anyone really want to see that? I figure,
if there's anything important to say, I'll post it here.
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Time:2009-11-21 06:52 pm (UTC)
It's all cool. I prefer staying out of sight, myself, so IJ is just about right for me. I mostly write to myself, anyways. ^_^
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